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Fulvio Galli

Hamradio Operator

My name is Fulvio, and my callsign is HB9DHG.

I was first licensed as HB9SLF in 1985, and a year later, I upgraded to HB9DHG upon passing my extra class (CW exams). Throughout my years in amateur radio, I have participated in numerous worldwide contests, achieving success in several of them. I hold multiple records in both CQWW and CQWW WPX contests, across both CW and SSB modes. Over the years, I have operated from various countries, including memorable stations such as 4O0HST, YU/HB9DHG, W100AW/8, IS0/HB9DHG, LZ2013HST, HV5PUL, DD1A, HB9STEVE, HB9ON, YU5R, HB9FBS, HB9PUE, IR1Y, LY4A, TM0HQ, HB9FAQ, IQ0RU, and DA0WRTC (as Y87V WRTC Referee), among others.

In 2014, I was the sole CW operator during my inaugural DXpedition to Zanzibar Island, where I was part of an Italian Team (5I0DX). Additionally, I am a proud member of the Swiss HST (High Speed Telegraphy) Team since its inception in October 2012 in Beatemberg (SUI). I have participated in every HST championship since then, earning a Bronze Medal in 2014 in Bar (Montenegro) in the RufzXP Category and a Silver Medal in Astana (Kazakhstan) in the Morse Runner Category in 2018.

Furthermore, in 2018, I had the honor of being selected as one of the 65 official referees at the WRTC Championships held in Germany. I continued my role as a referee at the WRTC 2022 in Italy. For more information about my endeavors, please visit this website as well as I hope this meets your expectations!